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Message from Principal

message from principal

Surya Narayan Chaudhary
Shree B.S.R.J.S. School

Welcome to shree B.S.R.J. secondary school, kalyanpur, saptari. This has come a long way since its establishment back in 2046 B.S. it has been functioning as a nonprofit educational institution. shree B.S.R.J. secondary school student are highly expected to continue to show growth socially and emotionally as well as to demonstrate growth in their academic areas. It upholds the value of social responsibility and it is addressed through the education. We provide: education of standard. Our dedicated faculty and rigorous standard based academic programs definitely provides the students the continued educational experience essential for their future career and the entire school mechanism is all set to transform our fellow students into worthy adults. Shree B.S.R.J. secondary school on the whole strives for achieving the best of them and is committed to making each students experience at Shree B.S.R.J.S.S a worthwhile and special one.

I extend my warm greetings and best wishes to visionary and prospective students.

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Computer lab

The school has sufficient numbers of computer to enhance their student in IT field. It provides all the knowledge of computer to the student. Here the student can gain both practical and theoretical knowledge of computer.

Science Lab

Only theoretical knowledge in this age is not sufficient to gain knowledge. Viewing this necessity Shree B.S.R.J.S. School provides well equipped science lab. Here the student can implement their theoretical knowledge of science practically.


Shree Bhawani Prasad Sakal Prasad Ram Prasad Janta Secondary School territory is very big so that all the school members’ students, faculties can gather together on the play ground. The entire extra activities of the school are held on the playground.


collection of different academics and non academic are found in the library section of the school premises. Student can benefit from reading different course and non course related book and broaden their knowledge.